PHEV towing bracket

Reference: 5FA092160F

PHEV towing bracket

Reference: 5FA092160F
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  • Towing bracket for PHEV versions

    The electric folding towing bracket is compatible with various additional CUPRA accessories. The towing possibilities are endless. Bring additional sports equipment or just free up space in the boot.
    The CUPRA towing brackets are tailor-made and are integrated in the vehicle's safety and comfort systems to ensure a perfect operation. Certified under standard E1 55R 01 3096.

    Please always install following the instruction manual (see documents tab).
    The towing bracket is manually foldable and removable.

    It includes the necessary electronic components and offers a greater level of safety and control on the trailer.
    These towing brackets are designed for transporting trailers, tipping trailers and caravans, allowing to transport everything you need safely and comfortable wherever you are going.

    In vehicles that do not have the standard towing bracket pre-installation option (PR 1M7), please request the following components in addition to the electric kit (5FA055204) (for more information please see ETKA)
    Control unit: 5H2907383 (consult ETKA to check for new versions)
    Fasteners: 2xN90915901; 2x 811807577F
    Actuator + frame: 5TA959511; 5G0868345
    Colour: Black
    Material: high-quality steel
    Weight/dimensions (approx.): 22.5 kg/1050mm x 600mm x 300mm

    Not compatible with CNG versions.

    Related products: 13 to 7 pole adapter, part number 3R0055300
    In order to correctly retrofit and recognise the towing bracket, the authorised workshop must code and adapt the vehicle software through ODIS/SVM/code: 3446F

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* Before installing an accessory in your vehicle, please always read the recommendations in your CUPRA's manual.