Base for i-SENSE baby car seat

Reference: 000019230M

Base for i-SENSE baby car seat

Reference: 000019230M
  • Product
  • Flex Base i-SENSE
    - 0-83 cm (≈ 15 months | 13 kg)
    - Approved according to R129 (i-SIZE)
    - Modular comfort: compatible with the i-SIZE child seat or baby seat
    - Adjustable angle: for a safer and more comfortable position of the baby in inclined vehicle seats
    - Swivel base: the car seat on the base can be rotated 90° for easy entry and rear-facing use
    - The Flex Base i-SENSE can be adjusted to four different positions so that the baby can always move around comfortably and safely
    - Intelligent, adjustable foot support
    - Adjustable foot support
    - Pivot Link system significantly reduces the risk of head and neck injuries
    - The base pivot function allows you to turn the seat towards the vehicle door to effortlessly position and remove the infant from the seat

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